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Sara Shapiro-Plevan, Founder and Principal


Sara is all about relationships. Her essential focus: understanding the way relationships influence the ability to improve our practice, shape our work, and engage effectively with others. Sara consults with individuals and organizations across the Jewish community to develop a networked, collaborative approach to their practice in a variety of domains and support their alignment with vision. She is a passionate network weaver and facilitator, working to build relationships with and between individuals, teams and communities, and both cultivate and leverage those connections to generate positive change.

In addition to and as a complement to her professional work, Sara is a doctoral candidate at the Davidson School of Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary.  Her dissertation focuses the social and professional networks of Jewish educators, to understand how educators are connected and how this changes and influences practice. Her doctoral dissertation is deeply intertwined with her professional practice, as it focuses on the connections, both big and small, that weave together individuals and enable us to do our best work. 

Sara's current practice, in addition to her consulting, includes intensive training coaching and mentoring, facilitation and collaboration. Sara is most proud of her work in the practice of network weaving, network development and network learning, and feels deeply fortunate to bring this breadth of practice to bear on her work in the Jewish community. Learn more about Sara's current projects and clients

Sara is a founding member of The Gender Equity in Hiring in the Jewish Community Project, which works to transform the endemic culture of gender bias that continues to keep women from senior staff positions within Jewish organizations. The Project supports organizations in ensuring their systems, processes and hiring practices reflect the Jewish values of equality and fairness. By strengthening organizations’ awareness of gender bias and helping them to respond, the Project hopes to see more women rise to positions of leadership. 

Sara is a moderator and facilitator of JEDLAB, a network of 10,000 people from across every domain and spectrum of Jewish life, passionate about Jewish learning, who have come together to redesign the Jewish education ecosystem. JEDLAB is one of many networks of which Sara is a part: she lives and works within community in order to understand the challenges of her clients and what matters most to them.

Sara has previously served as an adjunct faculty member at the Davidson School, where she prepared graduate students to take leadership roles in the field as a part of the redesigned Educational Leadership practicum, and taught the core course in basic pedagogy to students in the Davidson, Cantorial and Rabbinical Schools.  As a part of her work at JTS, she worked closely with veteran congregational and communal educators serving as mentors, and developed a professional learning program to support their continued growth. Sara also piloted an experiment with MA students that involved seeding and supporting a community of practice for students teaching in congregational school settings. 

Sara also served as a consultant for the Board of Jewish Education NY-SAJES, (now The Jewish Education Project), working directly with congregational educators in the greater New York area to build strong collegial networks, improve practice and cultivate leadership.

For many years, Sara served as director of education and as assistant director of education in Manhattan congregations, where she became intimately familiar with the needs, desires and concerns of Jewish families as they strived to connect with community.  In addition to her consultations for congregations in the New York area, Sara has partnered with congregations and organizations across the country to reimagine their model, build new governance structures and align curriculum and organizational design with vision. It was this work with learners and their families that informed her earliest practice and continues to shape her work today.

Sara holds a BA in Near Eastern and Jewish Studies from Brandeis University and an MA in Jewish Education from JTS, and was a fellow in the Senior Educators Program of the Melton Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora at Hebrew University.

She is a mikveh guide and volunteer at ImmerseNYC, New York's Jewish community mikveh, currently serves on the board of the Network for Research in Jewish Education, and serves on the steering committee of the Jewish Consultants Group.


Tehilah Eisenstadt-Feil, Consultant


Tehilah Eisenstadt is the Director of Education and Family Engagement at The Society for the Advancement of Judaism. She is a Jewish educator, activist, writer, speaker, officiant, consultant, community builder and storyteller. Tehilah has worked for over a decade in leadership roles with prominent Jewish educational agencies and non-profits such as Luria Academy, Storahtelling (Lab/Shul), and The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. She is honored to teach and lecture across the US on Jewish topics where ancient text and ritual intersect with meaning in our lives today.

Tehilah believes that her Jewish heritage is what gives her the strength to make the world the place we want to live in, and we want our children/future generations to enjoy and cherish. She works with a team of multi-faith leaders on ongoing issues related to Jewish values, particularly surrounding the abducted school girls in Chibok Nigeria in 2014 and gender-based violence around the world. She also served as a curriculum writer, teacher-trainer and community builder for Jewish and Muslim communities, including: Cordoba House, Huntington Jewish CenterKings Bay Y and Storahtelling. Tehilah has especially enjoyed facilitating adult learning experiences around Jewish texts involving body image/relationships to our bodies and early childhood programs exploring social justice, international Jewish culture (food and folklore), and how to express all feelings as part of a healthy experience. Tehilah serves as a volunteer mikvah guide and educator for ImmerseNYC and is on the Board of Directors of American Jewish League for Israel.
Tehilah received her BA in Literature from Binghamton University, her MA in Jewish Education and Midrash from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and is a graduate of HUC-JTS's Leadership Institute. Tehilah recently completed her New York certification in Early Childhood Administration and her first (only) NYC marathon.
Tehilah is married to Simon Feil.  They are the delighted parents of Adin Geshem.