We partner with you to facilitate and support both personal and organizational change.

Together, we will work to help you to strengthen relationships and weave networks, carefully listening to your needs and working with you as catalysts for change.

We believe that shared leadership, networked individuals and organizations, and collaborative relationships are the healthiest structures to cultivate and emulate as we design and plan for our future.

We collaborate with centers of Jewish learning and living to revitalize and reinvigorate, restructure and reflect, and we work with individuals to do exactly the same as they build and grow their personal practice.


As your partners, together we can...

  • design and execute thoughtful planning and change efforts that employ participatory, collaborative processes, built around the articulation of communal vision and reaching toward impact on participants, learners, leaders and community

  • facilitate the birth and development of strong organizational, communal and collegial networks and build webs of support for extant networks

  • improve the practice and work of your team and build the infrastructure to enable your work to become sustainable

  • partner with you to understand hierarchy and power in your community and in your relationships, and use alternative lenses for viewing those relationships as a mechanism for moving toward flatter, more networked organizations and relationships

  • engage in environmental scanning and community conversations, to pave the way for the uncovering of values, hopes and dreams and prepare for change

  • facilitate conversation to support communal alignment to vision

  • access resources, both human and material, and to build structures that can support both growth and future planning

  • collect and analyze data to identify and tell stories of impact, success and potential for growth

  • facilitation and the design of facilitation for group learning, meetings, professional learning and community gatherings

  • design and implement assessment and evaluation processes that help to identify and align with shared goals and strive for continuous learning and growth

  • connect and grow relationships that matter as you nurture community and shift to toward interconnectedness in a variety of settings, understanding how connectedness affects you, your community and workplace

  • create a context for understanding your change in the larger narrative of the field

  • seed, develop and nurture communities of practice, professional learning communities and ongoing learning and growth for professionals at all levels

  • support you and your community as you articulate your hopes and dreams, and begin working to achieve them.